Customer Experience Strategy Map

Digital transformation at a holistic strategic level. The future of successful organizations comes from understanding how the digital revolution is affecting the business and how to adapt the full organization to embrace the change. Digital transformation should be one of the highest strategic topics on every executive’s agenda. Every organization needs to reconstruct themself from the inside out. Customer experiences are more than being customer-centric, it is about becoming customer driven. If you want to be successful in this regard, taking an outside in perspective and re-designing the experiences of your stakeholders is a mandatory exercise!

Content Strategy Framework

Welcome to the era of relevance marketing. “Dear YouTube: I will always skip ad…” Over are the times where you could purchase attention and count eyeballs. It is all about relevance. Most companies have a wealth of relevant information and content at their hands, but lack the proper strategy to leverage it to create visibility, relevance and credibility among stakeholders. Whether you are looking to promote your brand, drive sales or increase your reputation to attract talent: A solid content strategy will generate the necessary relevance that will support your business. Call it Thought Leadership; call it Influencer Marketing, as you want. We call it Relevance Marketing.

Digital Analytics Framework

We have never had this much data in our hands. The problem is that most companies don’t really know what to do with it. In most digital programs companies have a set of KPIs, but rarely a fully integrated analytics framework. Especially one that focuses on holistic business impact, rather than single metrics, especially vanity metrics. If you are not Justing Bieber, you should not be counting fans!

Social Media Business Strategy

A phenomenon no company can ignore. Fish where the fish are implies to be present and active on social media. However, over and over again we realize that most companies simply do it wrong. They underestimate the strategic importance of social media. But the worst part: they underestimate the potential impact it can and will have on your business. Having developed solid and proven social media strategies for multiple business & industries, B2C & B2C, we have a strategy framework which, applied to your business, will make social media deliver!

Digital Health Check

Every company has some sort of digital transformation program, has experts on board and is driving a ton of different initiatives. Do they all work together? Is there a big picture? Questions that often keep decision makers awake at night, unfortunately often rightly so. But one of the heaviest burdens is the doubt: “Have we crossed all T’s and dotted all I’s? Are we missing something? Well, it might be time for a digital health check for your business!

Social Sales Strategy

Social sales has nothing to do with selling your products on Facebook. Social sales is the art and science of leveraging the power of social networks to support your sales process. It works across B2B as well as B2C. We have pioneered the field of social sales in many industries with outstanding results. It is about building your brand through your employees, helping them bring relevance, visibility and credibility into the discussion, helping start those conversations that end up in sales and revenues. You think you can’t make money with social media? Think again!

Digital Transformation in HR

The paradigm of employment has changed for good. Employer branding is essential, and it is not a communication program, it has to be brought into the organization and lived by all. Hiring and retaining the right talent is not a matter of hard skills and old processes. It is about soft skills and inclusive recruiting. It is about shifting from push to pull. It is about delivering a rewarding experience from the very first moment.

Brand Positioning Strategy Map

It has never been easier to build a global brand as it is today. At the same time, it has never been more challenging to build a global brand as it is today. Relevant brands need to have a clear vision, a clear core and reason for being, a solid positioning and a value proposition for their customers. So many brands in the world have lost their core, or never had one, and wonder why they are perceived as interchangeable. We invest time and money in promotions, in communication, in advertising… It might be worth to make sure your brand stands strong before getting out there. Or if you are out there and a bit lost, it is worth checking if your brand strategy is (still) solid. To find the way, you need a map. We have one that works…

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