Marketing in the digital age

The times have changed. We call these times the era of Relevance Marketing. Where even paid marketing has to be earned. Understand how to build succesful brands in the digital age. What the key success drivers for marketing brands and products today are. Learn the ultimate recipe for successful marketing in today's world, through a step by step approach. 

Thought Leadership

Customers and stakeholders are interested in what you have to offer, but only if they believe you are a thought leader and a relevant knowledge driver in your area. Turn inside out the know-how of your firm and your employees and leverage it to drive business success. If done properly, demand will follow. 

Social Media Marketing

Customers and stakeholders want to connect with human beings. These are times where dialogue and content are essential. You no longer manage your brand. Your customer is your brand manager. Face it and engage in dialogue. Set the basics. Then listen, learn, engage and influence. In four steps, you will learn to build the basics for success in social media. Building on it, you will take away a simple and effective way of approaching all your social media business initiatives. 

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Personal Branding

We are all now products on permanent display in the supermarket of people. Whether you are interested in improving your chances of success in the job market or you want to drive the success of your company and brand: Personal branding is the driver for todays sucess and dialogue. It is all about human relationships. One to one. Period!

Social Sales

Most companies underestimate the power of social media as a driver of purchase decisions. Not only that, but it is a key source of relevant information to get to know your customers, connect and engage with them. All of this are essential success pillars of a sales. It has never been this efficient and even easy as it is today. If you do it right. 

Employer Branding & Social Recruiting

Talent is what drives your company success today and tomorrow. Who you hire and how you hire are decisive more than ever. Move from posting jobs to talent scouting. Move from push to pull recruiting. Enhance your referral program and create talent ambassadors. And don't forget: your employer brand is not under your control any more... Welcome Glassdoor, Kununu & co., the trip advisor of employer branding...  

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