“SPARK & STRATEGY was a key driver for successfully establishing and launching a Social Media Competence Center, and continue to add great value in supporting teams to build business cases and providing training in Social Media topics. I appreciate their open and direct communication style, being pragmatic in the approach and constructive in the discussion.” Christian Sebregondi, Global Head of Web Solutions

“How we would describe our experience with SPARK & STRATEGY? Profound Know-How combined with a high level of enthusiasm lead to excellent results.” Eric Samuiloff, CEO Swiss Life Austria

"SPARK & STRATEGY skillfully managed to coach our Executive team and senior managers and were able to provide real clarity on a subject that we had been struggling to structure and organize for some time. We are much clearer now in terms of what needs to be done and the journey facing us as an organization feels much less daunting as a result of their guidance and experience.” Mark Day, Director, Simplyhealth Group, London, U.K.

“SPARK & STRATEGY hat in uns schon in den ersten Minuten der Zusammenarbeit ein Feuer der Begeisterung angezündet und über die 3 Monate unseres Projekts lodern lassen. Letztlich war diese Begeisterung neben den sehr innovativen Methoden ein wesentlicher Grund, warum wir unser Ergebnis in vergleichsweise kurzer Zeit erreichen konnten, ohne Abstriche an der Qualität machen zu müssen. Wir werden sie jederzeit wieder einbeziehen." Martin Erb, Managing Director Alphabet, BMW Group

“German Ramirez is a very experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional. He puts his experience and knowledge to work in a very focused and highly energetic way.” Mark Gazecki, Founder

“I got to know German Ramirez as a Social Media coach. He has a seldom ability to reduce a complex topic to its simple essence. I also had the great pleasure to work with SPARK & STRATEGY on a new Social Media concept in the pharmaceutical area. Their aptitude to inspire people to think differently and expand their horizons is simply amazing. If you are looking for an authentic, enthusiastic, visionary advisor then I warmly recommend you to work with them." D. Schmidiger, Manager Sales & MKT

"I had the pleasure to work with SPARK & STRATEGY on several occasions. I highly value their profound digital know how, their visionary way of thinking and ability to put complex topics across in an easy and infotaining way. German Ramirez is an excellent speaker and very pleasant to work with." Barbara Müry, Head of Social Media Management, Switzerland Global Enterprise

“Digital and social media seems like a buzz word these days. SPARK & STRATEGY manage to perceive the topic in a very lively and inspiring way. They are very efficient and down to earth in their argumentation focusing on the business value. They never leave a doubt that they are truly a highly experienced professionals in this field.” Eike Martini, Global Business Segment Manager, AVL LIST GMBH, Graz, Austria

“SPARK & STRATEGY provide challenging workshops on social media issues to our candidates. We appreciate his uncomplicated approach and the reports from our candidates are proof of his in-depth knowledge and their both entertaining and effective style.” Nicola Fielder, COO Switzerland

"German Ramirez has an impressive strategic and digital know-how, which he manages to convey in a highly engaging way. His passion and style paired with his focus on business results make him a powerful lecturer and coach.” Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik, HSG St Gallen University

"I have great pleasure in recommending German Ramirez as an inspiring and motivating trainer within the field of social media, personal branding and digital marketing. It is the combination of expertise and his authentic behavior as a role model which are unique and which guarantee great learning during his trainings or workshops. My team much appreciated our half day workshop conducted by German." Martin Ghisletti, Head Personnel & Organizational Development

“German Ramirez has proven, several times, that he is an excellent Keynote speaker. As a visiting professor at the Social Media Branding and Strategy Master Course at BES La Salle Barcelona, he always gets excellent marks from our students due to his professional savoir faire, his inspiring leadership and his expertise in international digital strategy. Thanks Germán for inspiring people’s career!” Prof. Dr. Gemma Vallet, LaSalle University

"Everybody talks about social media. Everybody knows that they can help businesses in one or another way. But only a few of us really understand how. The two-day social media workshop with German Ramirez not only gives you useful insights about the social world. It provides valuable tools, which are necessary to create your own social media strategy and apply it immediately within your organization." Alina Lytvynenko, MBA Student at the Lorange Institute of Business

"When genius meets structure and great ideas must been nailed down, it's time to call for German Ramirez. He has the seldom ability to combine a creative mind with a business oriented "getting things done"-mentality." David Schäfer, Founder & Managing Partner