There is a major difference between knowing, and being able to transfer knowledge. We believe in coaching as a means to an end. It is not only a matter of transferring know-how – that is basic – but doing so for a specific purpose: Your success. This is our philosophy, and the reason for our success when providing training & coaching. The fact that we are passionate about it also helps…


As early as 1998 we started speaking infront of a broad audience of executives about digtital transformation. Ever since, we are regularly invited keynote speakers around Europe's most prestigious conferences, or as guest lecturers in leading universities. We like to ingnite audiences with our hands on and real life experience and a very unique personality and stlye. 

There is not necessarily a shortage of strategic know-how in companies. There is also some solid know-how in the market when it comes to Digital & Social Media. What is missing most of the time is a balance between deep understanding of digital transformation and seniority in business experience. This is our key differentiation. And the main reason why here we can add significant value.



We are a specialized boutique consultancy that provides high impact and ROI through digital marketing & social media strategic consulting & coaching services. We operate globally across industries from FMCG to Financial Services for Start-Ups all the way through to Fortune 500 companies.

We come from the business. We have created, developed and implemented digital strategies, owning the budgets and responding to P&Ls for all our careers. That makes the difference in how we work and why we actually deliver. Not in theory, nor in PowerPoint, but in real live.